Stell / MFG
Stell / MFG
Stell / MFG
Stell / MFG
Stell / MFG

Stell / MFG

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Stell" is a sampling of the path taken by the designer himself in real life.

It is also an ongoing process, though,
the black music scene of the 90's and early 2000's, and the underground scene of the culture
and the underground scene of the culture derived from it.
The influence is quite significant.
Music, film, books, manga, food, dance graffiti,
skating, fashion, clubs... everything.

It was a time when the background of various scenes influenced the choice of a single pair of sneakers.

Back then, it was cool because it was underground and street.

But now it is different.

The underground scene and streets back then are
Nowadays, Dope is more understood in sunny places.

This is because the kids of those days have grown up with a sense of decency, and still keep the standard of Dope.
and the current culture has accepted it.

The sampled underground is now a part of our everyday life with "Stell".
Stell" will be printed so that it blends into everyday life.

100% cotton


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